About this blog

This blog started out as a draft for a book on Mobile Testing. However, as most of the demand was for books on development rather than testing; and also as  there is so much change in the mobile industry – it made more sense for a document that is constantly evolving rather than static.

This blog is meant to give readers a broad view of the entire mobile ecosystem – from SMS, mobile web, mobile native clients to billing/charging and mobile ads – in particular how to test these apps or services. It is written in a less formal style so as to make the complex nature of the subject more palatable. It is not meant to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of all things mobile but rather provide the user with enough background information, context (including the history of each technology) and links to good references for deeper knowledge to get the reader started.

I hope this blog will be useful to the following:

  • QA engineers from web or traditional software engineering wanting to get into Mobile application testing.
  • Product managers who have to test mobile applications or parts of applications that have a mobile component
  • Telecom project managers who have to perform user acceptance tests for mobile products coming onto their network
  • Independent software vendors or freelance mobile apps developers who want to know how to test their apps across countries and telecom operators.
  • Online ads folks wanting to move into mobile ads
  • Anyone who’s familiar with one aspect of the mobile ecosystem eg. iPhone apps but needs to get a surface level understanding of the other aspects of mobile

A little about myself:

I have over 11 years of experience in the mobile sector and a deep knowledge of how telcos/carriers in Asia and Europe operate with a good understanding of the systems and processes within these organizations. As QA Manager I was also responsible for testing of mobile products in the Asia and in Europe as well. These products ranged from SMS, Mobile Web, J2ME/iPhone/Android/Windows Mobile/Blackberry native apps and services – and was also involved in integrations with operator billing systems and with ad systems.

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