In-Country Testing

In a nutshell, In-country testing means testing your app or service in the intended launch countries.

Why In-Country Testing?

So you’ve built your mobile app and it works when you’re using your test phone and operator. It should work everywhere else right? Here’s the big reveal – it ain’t necessarily so!

Common gotchas:

  1. SMS – you need to hook up with the operator (either direct or via aggregator) for your app to work
  2. Mobile Web – your markup may screw up or cookies do not work
  3. Native Apps – app keeps crashing due to network instability

This is why in-country (or in-market) testing is necessary.

For some of these you may be able to test by using sims (GSM) with data roaming. However there are limitations:

  1. SMS – shortcodes do not roam in general
  2. The network of the city or country may not be stable causing timeouts on your app
In the next few blog posts, we will cover some strategies and tips on how to conduct in-country testing.

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