Simulating Palm (HP) webOS Browser

To use the WebOS Browser, you first have to download the WebOS SDK from HP ( This is available for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu Linux.

As the emulator is built on top of VirtualBox – a virtualization software from Oracle – you need to first download and install that (see Once done, install the SDK from the Palm/HP website and follow the steps there.

Next, look for the “Palm emulator” on Applications folder for Mac or “Program Files” on Windows. Choose that.

Once done, you’ll see a start screen with a search box (see screen capture).

On the search box, type “browser”. You will see a screen with Launch section and “Web” icon (see screen capture).

Click on the “Web” icon. This will bring you to the browser screen (see screen capture).

On the top there is an input box, type in your URL and press Enter. You will be brought to the page you wanted to view.

Start screen with search box

Start screen with search box

Launch section with "Web" icon

Launch section with "Web" icon

Web Browser Screen

Web Browser Screen



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