Simulating Nokia Webkit Browser

To simulate using the WebKit browser found on Nokia S60 and above devices, download the SDK from Forum Nokia (see – there are 4 versions that are downloadable: (a) the S60 3rd Edition, (b) the S60 5th Edition, (c ) the N97 SDK and (d) the Symbian^3 SDK. These are only available for Windows and requires ActivePerl (from ActiveState to be installed – see– as a pre-requisite.Once installed, open the “Emulator”. The emulator for that SDK will pop up and you are able to navigate to the browser. It works like almost any Nokia S60 (or Symbian^3) device. The screenshot below show the emulator for the N97 SDK.

N97 Emulator

N97 Emulator

Note: these emulators are pretty resource intensive so use a decent configuration Windows PC to run them

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